Thursday, June 25, 2009

this is forever on repeat in my boombox of a brain

honest to gawd, i didn't know what this song was about until i read the lyrics.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

throwback: click the images if you want to feel what i feel

i miss my life in richmond so much. actually i think its the anticipation for my future life. relearning how to be old lauren is pretty chaotic, especially in arlington, where i'm under the illusion that rules don't apply. i'm going to get in so much trouble T- too soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blogging is 4 mortals

season premiere tonight at 9
lyfe is about to get infinitely tyter.

Friday, June 12, 2009

my birthday's in 8 days!

just 8 short days until i turn 21. and really, it's about fucking time. 

wish list!
1. any and every pattern, fabric, pillow made by john robshaw
2. any and every plate, dish, cup, textile, from anthropologie3. diamond ice molds, good as homemade butter molds as well (foreshadowing to big ticket item #7)
4. porcelain keys (as seen on d*s)
5. mango wood radio
6. canvas booties
7. the mixer from martha stewarts collection for kitchen aid


drove to baltimore last night with wilson and britton, two very important members of summer krew'09. saw jana hunter and sir something-really-good-at-shredding-guy. totally have a crush on miss hunter. she shredz good 2.  despite the loud sounds, it was a very peaceful evening. i think my favorite place on earth is dozing to cute boy chatter in a bucket seat. 

abbi having fun tymez at karins birthday party: party people:

Saturday, June 6, 2009

summer make good

i know i'm redundant but this has been the summer of spontaneity. buenos aires was a success despite less than 2 weeks of planning. 
pt 1.
saw some art:saw some sweet nature:
smoked some spliffs and drank mate in a nice park with katrins nice friends:cute as heck:

the department of health made all foreigners wear masks into the airport. and get sprayed with antibacterial stuff. and get pointed at with a heat-sensi camera to make sure we didn't have fevers. argentina is really germophobic. drew some pictures of the andes on the plane ride. didn't sleep very well.  
later i'll make a post specifically about my favorite part of the trip; recoleta cemetery. 

pt. 2
nitza and i decided to spend the day at the beach last week with no course of action other than going to where 64-east meets the ocean. luckily that went pretty flawlessly as well.