Saturday, June 6, 2009

summer make good

i know i'm redundant but this has been the summer of spontaneity. buenos aires was a success despite less than 2 weeks of planning. 
pt 1.
saw some art:saw some sweet nature:
smoked some spliffs and drank mate in a nice park with katrins nice friends:cute as heck:

the department of health made all foreigners wear masks into the airport. and get sprayed with antibacterial stuff. and get pointed at with a heat-sensi camera to make sure we didn't have fevers. argentina is really germophobic. drew some pictures of the andes on the plane ride. didn't sleep very well.  
later i'll make a post specifically about my favorite part of the trip; recoleta cemetery. 

pt. 2
nitza and i decided to spend the day at the beach last week with no course of action other than going to where 64-east meets the ocean. luckily that went pretty flawlessly as well. 


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