Thursday, August 27, 2009

bon appetite!

started out having the worst day:
  • stepped on a rusty nail
  • h8 my new backpack
  • noticed i only had $20 in my checking account
  • apartment smelled like rotten eggs...because of rotten eggs.
  • 30 minutes late to class. i'm an idiot.
  • you tee eye drama
  • etc...
but then i saw julie & julia (for the second time in theaters) and thought to myself; WWJD? julia child had the most lovely & contagious disposition. she didn't sweat the small stuff. and besides, i have a lot to be thankful for: someone glorious to wake up next to, a group of jean jammers that make me lol harder than ever before, a WBFF who always has my back even though he's the worst & a fabulous schedule this semester including worthwhile courses for once. it also made me reflect on the fun day i had with my mom the first time i saw the movie. she's the veryvery best.
basically JC makes me want to be a better, more posi person. imma try.

on another note...
hair like this:

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