Tuesday, February 24, 2009

watch it

plan on watching this everyday until i can dance just like this too tyte, 
100+ lbs version of my friend, alexander chang.
must research vcu jazzer-size and/or hip-hop classes.  must get blood flowing. 
right foot fell asleep too fast and furious while writing mentioned econ paper.  
turned hurty and purple. so scared.  
finally brought in my new watermelony hula hoop from bryans car. need to further rearrange my room to accommodate new hula exercise routine. 
still can't find camera cable so heres one from iphoto archives

slept under this window for a week one summer


  1. #15. cat shirt...i want it.

    i need to learn to dance as well.

  2. let's be friends! I just don't know how.