Wednesday, March 18, 2009

green for spreeeng

a spectracular gift
an unexplainable weakness for white buildings and blue skies
holybonzi, gay.

view from mc'dun

today's a day for nothing but passion pit, architecture in helsinki, and twin green tea frappachinos w/nitza, forreal.  new layout (thanks to sean who is en route to speaking the blog language fluently). new colors thanks to my awkward eye.  

surprisingly my productivity level seems to be at an all time high lately.  got a lil' crafty.  got a lil' serious. trying to get straight Az this semester.  baked some cranberry bread too.  

put together a new display on my mantle that i'm pretty happy with so far.  i can never keep anything up there though.  my fireplace is like the nest where ideas are born and then find better places to live. it's ok though. it keeps me on my toes. 


1 comment:

  1. i wish it was "with nitza and abbi". its so nice out but im in the library! LAME!!!!!!!!

    p.s. quit blog cheatin with my BF!!!!!