Thursday, May 21, 2009

all i'm trying to do is live like a goddamn queen

this is where sandi and i will be sleeping in BUENOS AIRES:

since katrin and alison are staying with host families, renting an apartment was a much tyter option than a hostel. this way we can have everyone hang out somewhere nice and spacious. also having a kitchen and private bathroom will be so fantastic.  forreal, i know it sounds stupid and cliche but im just tryna find myself again by getting lost in a place where all everyone wants to do is have fun tout les temps.  i haven't been adventurous in a long time. or ever. MUST WAKE UP.

other than argentina i feel like i have a lot to look forward to when i return. even though i've been out of school for weeks now summer hasn't really started. i haven't been reckless yet. well maybe a little reckless, but nothing to think twice about. ok, i take that back too. i've thought twice or three times. 

i wish with all my heart that i was living in richmond but my situation in arlington isn't exactly awful. i have a tyte job, promises of visits, the chance to stay in new york whenever i please, and ABBI! and now will...who gave me a ridiculously pretty piece of printed paper. need to fame & blawg about that l8r. forreal, he's totally going to be famous. 

ugh sorry this is the longest, dumbest blog post of them all. 

holler with an address if you want a postcard.

p.s. this is a before&after of a lamp i got from the good samaritan a few weeks ago.





  1. or best blog post ever

    we will have lots of adventures. no sittin around no more!

  2. p.s. get an i.d. and come dancin with me and whitney tomorrow night