Thursday, May 7, 2009

meet me here so soon

this is what i've been waiting for. i'm so proud of myself for being able to support what ever the heck i want, whenever the heck i want. i swore this summer was going to be a bust but i was so wrong. buenos aires, get fucking ready. katrin and alison you better get ready.


  1. Ahh, so beautiful! when are you going?

    ps im trying to bake those lemon rosemary cupcakes today for my mom. obsessed with vanilla garlic now.. thanks!

  2. the 25th of this month!

    ps on the cupcakes, i would use more regular flour than cornmeal. they get kind of crunchy..

  3. ooh I wish I'd seen this earlier. I messed up a bit on the first batch, but they somehow tasted better than the second batch that I did correctly- they were a bit drier. But good!

  4. yeah they are pretty tricky, the flavors are good though. thoughts that count usually fly pretty well with moms.